Required Specification & Queries about PVC Geomembrane
Full name of your esteemed company & location :
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Email address: Facsimile :
Intended application of end product :

Experience buying from Nan Ya:  

Through our distribution such as Rocheux, Forplax, Granwell, Mark Products, T&R, Joint Fair, South Asia, RPA(circle the very distributors if any).

  Previous PO if available.
  None (Never buy from Nan Ya).

Thickness: GA or mil (Not essential if sample available)
Roll Width : Inch
Softness : PHR (Not essential if sample available)
Embossing: (Not essential if sample available)
Color : (Not essential if sample available)
Put-up : LB/Roll(Not essential if you agree on our arrangement )
Packaging requirement : (Loose rolls, carton, pallets and 6” cores could be options)

Payment preference:
 30% deposit with order & the other 70% before shipment.
   Letter of Credit. 

 Any opinions, comments or inquires from your esteemed company:

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