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      Petrochemicals 3RD DIV.was belong to Polyester Fiber DIV.in June
2008 before. June 2008 to adjust Nan Ya Plastics Corp. organization.
Nan Ya Plastics Corp. consists of four Business Group by products as
follows:Plastic Product /Petrochemicals /Electronic Material /Fiber Pr-
oduct. Ethylene Glycol(EG) product of Polyester Fiber DIV. change un-
der Petrochemicals 3RD DIV.
      The main product of Petrochemicals 3RD DIV. is Ethylene Glycol
(EG). There are three EG production lines location in Mai-Liao plant
      The production capacity of Ethylene Glycol(EG) plant is 1,440,000
tons/year. Ethylene Glycol(EG) is the raw material of Polyester Fiber,
which 16% internal uses, 13% Domestic, 71% Export. The raw material
of Ethylene Glycol(EG) is Ethylene. Ethylene was supplied by our For-
mosa Petrochemicals Corporation.
      The quality of Ethylene Glycol(EG) is compliance with international
standards ,good customers satisfaction.
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